Learning is accomplished when users can interact, leave feedback, ask questions, and apply their discoveries to real-world scenarios.

TrainingFlo transforms your existing online content and classroom courses into a collaborative learning environment.

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Transform your existing learning content from a static, siloed learning experience into a dynamic, crowdsourced learning environment that increases engagement and generates feedback to shape future learning decisions and improve and expand content.

Key Features

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    Transform your video, e-learning and static documents into an active, engaged community

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    Add interactive elements like quizzing. Capture key takeaways.

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    Highlight related

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Stay connected. Keep your people engaged and learning beyond the classroom. The application after training is equally as important as the training itself.

TrainingFlo Classroom will give your organization the framework for engaging your training participants before, during, and after training, in a niche community format that promotes feedback and collaboration, as well as the means to keep the participants and instructor/experts connected after the session has completed.

  • Pre, during, post communities

    Engage, connect and set expectations prior to training

    Interactive polling during class from any mobile device w/ real time reporting

  • Access to instructors/experts post training for ask the expert section

    Collect real success stories where learning has been applied in the “real world”

    Follow-on training and resources for continuous learning

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Bring your TrainingFlo experience complete circle with the full TrainingFlo LMS solution. Featuring a next-generation collaborative LMS leveraging the best of Classroom and Content while providing a full-featured virtual engine that keeps your employees engaged and connected. Benefit from advanced reporting, analytics and Artificial Intelligence to drive learning.

  • Predictive learning engine that keeps your people a step ahead

    Social connectivity ingrained in the fabric of the system

  • All the most important LMS features available yet completely re-imagined

    Manage all of your organization’s learning in one integrated TrainingFlo experience.

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