Performance management based on real-time micro feedback from multiple angles allows you to collect better, more relevant, and accurate feedback. Increased acknowledgement and encouragement foster growth and raise accountability.

Annual performance reviews are a thing of the past. TalentFlo moves the bar even further with real time continuous feedback from sources inside and outside of your organization. Allows for real time feedback, measurement, and the ability to encourage and see your employees grow.

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    Proprietary micro feedback methodology built on a series of Acknowledgements and Encouragements collected and/or requested in a matter of seconds.

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    Coaching Communities: Automatically-generated groups connecting employees in need of a specific development with internal leaders actively exhibiting the coveted trait. Imagine a dynamic coaching environment with real-time matchmaking without taking away from day to day duties.

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    Identify top performers (by task or competency) in real time and discover what makes them such

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